I have already installed Pinchpaper and used with the demo account: how can I use my new account data?

You must remove the existing account. To do so, open Settings > Account & Sync on your tablet, tap on Pinchpaper account and remove the account. Then, open Pinchpaper App and insert your new account data.

What languages are available?

The web administration tool and Pinchpaper App are in English, at the moment.

How much does Pinchpaper cost?

Pinchpaper is free during the beta testing phase. At the end of this phase (planned for December 31st, 2012), depending on the number of users and required resources in terms of bandwidth and server disk space, we are planning to apply a license varying from 10$ up to a few hundred dollars.

Am I free to publish any content and share with as many people as I want?

No, Pinchpaper is not a way to share contents all over the web: it is useful to share documents (publications in general) with people connected with you or with your organization (friends, collaborators, colleagues, customers), helping keep the information synchronized and allowing to enrich the documents with multimedia contents. Expecially during the beta test phase, we recommend you to share Pinchpaper service to a limited number of users for each administration account (up to 50 tablet users). If you are going to publish your contents to more than 50 tablet users, please contact us at info@pinchpaper.it.

I would like to publish different contents for different people: can I manage it with Pinchpaper?

The web administration tool lets you create different user accounts, allowing you to share the right contents with the right people (ie: catalogues with sales force and technical documentation with service department); moreover you can create account groups to manage the access to a document easily.

In the registration form the available disk space is 500 MB: how can I check how much disk space my publications are using?
Can I ask for more space? How many different publications can I manage with that disk space?

In the page header of the web administration tool you can check the disk space you are using. The disk space required by a publication may vary depending on the number of pages, the kind of contents (images require more space than text) and the multimedia content; generally speaking, a publication doesn't require more than 30 MB. In any case, if you need more space, please contact us at info@pinchpaper.it.

In my job I usually create slideshows: can I publish that kind of documents?

Yes, you can publish slideshows too, but first of all you have to convert them into PDF format; many slideshow tools have this option in the "Save as..." menu.

About the privacy and my documents: what is your point of view?

Your documents, publications and contents are and will be yours; we will access them and the related information solely to provide the Pinchpaper Services. For more information, please read our Terms of Service.

Can Pinchpaper manage off-line contents?

Yes, Pinchpaper lets the user download all publications and related multimedia contents locally on the tablet: therefore the contents are available in off-line mode too.

It can happen that using the web administration tool I add new information or change something in an existing publication. How can I notify all the users that something has changed?

The update notification is an automatic process: every time something has changed an alert will appear in the tablet notification bar.

Which iPad devices are supported?

Pinchpaper is compatible with any iPad device - iOS 6.1 or later.

Which Android devices are supported?

Pinchpaper was tested on Samsung tab 10.1 and Motorola Xoom; the application is compatible with any Android device - version 3.0 or later.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us at the email address info@pinchpaper.it, on Pinchpaper facebook page or using the application form you can find on Pinchpaper website; you can ask for commercial info, or send us your feedbacks about bugs, improvements, suggestions and new features you would like to find in the next releases of the App.